Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What is in my bag?

I have always been attracted to those blogs and YT videos that share what is in their bag. One I think what's inside tells you a lot about a person and two I love bags. Especially if they are designer bags!

My bag today? Chloé Paraty
I love bags that have a unique style and that are functional.

What is in my bag?
As you can see a lot of stuff!
  • my generic wallet; 
  • 2 BB (one personal and one work); 
  • 1 cell phone (I like to keep it separate in case my BB dies out);
  • Rx sunglasses;
  • Rx reading glasses;
  • Rx glasses ( so I can see afar);
  • my camera;
  • a plastic bag which contains lip balm, hand cream and MAC tinted lip conditioner stick spf 15(has a little color). Why in a plastic bag? I travel a lot and so this way I am prepared for airport security!
  • a case which contains pencils and pens
  • external hard drive. I save all my documents here so I can work on what ever I need from whichever computer.
  • tissues and candy
  • a silver soft bag where I put my work badge, calendar, nail file, hair clips and ibuprofen
How do you get all your stuff in a small bag? 
I don't own a lot of small bags. In fact I really envy girls that can pack everything in a small bag! How do they do it?

Which bags are you keeping your eye on for this Spring / Summer?
Gucci has some beautiful SS bags out and absolutely love the Givenchy Nightingale in cream color.