Thursday, March 3, 2011

Professional Lipstick Palette

So how do you organize your lipsticks? I've been doing some research to see and learn how professional make up artists organize their vast array of lipsticks.

First thing I learned is that many create or transfer their lipstick collection to some sort of a plastic palette container. This allows to have all colors on hand and also allows for mixing colors so as to create your own special shade.

So I searched online for empty palettes and finally bought the Japonesque Professional Lipstick Palette (the one you see in the picture).

I was expecting the wells to be much bigger, they are sorta small.  I then took chunks from each lipstick  I own and placed them in the wells of the palette. I must say I was excited and inspired when I saw all the colors in the palette. It's great to see your whole collection all in one place.

Not quite sure how to place new lipstick shades, so I left some blank wells. We'll see how that works out in the future! Some of the lipsticks did get on the inside cover, which can be a little messy.