Saturday, January 29, 2011

Picking the right lipstick shade

I am already thinking of spring! I know winter is not over yet, but today here in Rome was just a beautiful, somewhat partially, sunny day and the temp was rather pleasant.

So went to my favorite shopping area, not to far from where I live, and accidently walked into a make up store. Couldn’t resist the Dior Eye Shadow Petal Shine.

I don’t know you but I never seem to buy the right lipstick color. So I had an idea. I went to UPIM which is a very inexpensive department store here in Italy, and looked for the widest range of lipstick colors @ an affordable price and bought about 20 lipstick shades.

When I got home I had fun testing all the lipstick colors. Found out that those that were more on the beige but with a hint of gold are the ones that look best on me! So now when looking for expensive high-end lipsticks I know which ones to look for.